GT-R Owner Destroys Transmission, Denied Warranty Claim

Posted by: Kenny Chan onOctober 8th, 2008

It is no secret that the transmission in the Nissan GT-R is the weakest link, but the news is much tougher to hear when you are the owner of the GT-R that is now sitting at the dealer lot with a destroyed transmission. The bad news then gets worse when you are given the cost estimate to fix the transmission because the Nissan GT-R warranty will not cover it. $20,000 to replace the transmission that is completely destroyed.

So why does a vehicle that was shown off to the world setting a nurburgring record (which we now know was done via trickery), that features a fancy dual clutch transmission–shifted by the vehicle’s computer system–not get repaired under warranty? It turns out Nissan sent out some techs straight from Japan to download data from the vehicle’s computer system. The dealer then informed the vehicles owner that they would not be able to replace the transmission under warranty because he drove with VDC off “too much”.

I was driving my gtr two weeks ago and I heard a loud noise coming from the rear. I turned immediately had my gtr towed to crown nissan st. petersburg fl. They didn’t touch my car only called some techs from tennessee to look at the car and record the noise, 4 days later two guys from japan to download some info from the car then left. Then I get a call from the dealer to tell me the news, and they told me that the car was driven without vdc too much and nissan will not warranty the transmission which they said was destroyed

Can Nissan really do that? Can simply hitting a button inside the vehicle void your warranty? Apparently, they can! The fine print in the warranty information that comes with the GT-R (you do read the warranty paperwork when you buy a new car right?) states that the manufacturers warranty is void if the vehicle is operated with VDC off. So that 3.6s 0-60 time that the salesperson at the Nissan dealership tells you about, yeah you wont be able to accomplish that unless you want to void your warranty.

I wonder what will happen to the customers that purchase the GT-Rs that were launched repeatedly on the drag strip (likely with VDC turned off) by Nissan staffers?

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  1. Patrick says:

    Good read, very interesting. Although it is bull, I guess some one had to end up being the guinea pig.

  2. Peter says:

    I don’t see why Nissan is taking the blame for this. BMW’s SMG transmission has launch features as well (only the U.S. spec had the feature removed). At least in this case, the owner was reportedly used the launch control about 70 times before the transmission died. BMW’s SMG transmission can only handle far less launches before the transmission is shot.

  3. Kenny Chan says:

    The owner was told it wouldn’t be covered under warranty not because he used launch control, but because he drove with traction control off.

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  5. Nick says:

    I agree with Patrick this is BULL!

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