Godzilla Gets a Facelift

Posted by: Lydia Siu onMarch 23rd, 2016


Nissan brought out the big guns this year at the New York International Auto Show to debut their most current generation GTR. Walking into the Nissan exhibit, you are greeted by six generations of Skyline GTRs that have made the Nissan name synonymous with performance and motorsports. Dating back to 1969 with the first generation Nissan 2000 Skyline GTR to their latest GTR, Nissan wanted to showcase their racing pedigree and tell the world where they came from and where they are now going with the latest unveil.

The newest iteration of the GTR proves that you really shouldn’t mess too much with something that’s working. Nissan gave their GTR a small facelift which brings it up to current industry specs with certain technologies and visual enhancements. The front facia of the GTR gets some small tweaks. The single bar LED fog is now integrated into a larger side vent opening in the front bumper. The GTR also receives Nissan’s V-motion front grille which helps divert more air into the engine bay. The headlights have received minor massaging now utilizing multi-projectors. New aero in the form of carbon fiber lower body trim has been added to the GTR. The change is subtle, but the most notable addition are lower vents on the rear bumper aero.

The interior of the GTR gets subtle improvements to offer drivers added comfort and luxury. The seats, door panels, lower dash, center console, and steering wheel are all covered in high grade leather giving the GTR a two toned cabin.

For the 2017 model year, the GTR has received minor suspension enhancements to improve ride and overall handling. Nissan has also bumped the power output of the 3.8L V6 motor by 20hp this year pumping out a total of 565hp.

Thank you Nissan for not messing up a good thing. The refresh for the 2017 GTR is a nice improvement over last year without taking away what the GTR itself stands for.

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