Four Cylinder Dodge Charger?

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJune 1st, 2016


Even though four cylinder technology and power potential have come a longs ways since those dinky little fuel efficient lawn mowers, it is still a surprising move to see Dodge potentially run a four cylinder in their Charger which is has so much of its history rooted in big American gas guzzling V8. When the next refresh of the Charger, expected for 2019, happens, Dodge will likely introduce the four cylinder into their lineup.

The direction from Dodge, it seems, is to focus on creating a light weight Charger which won’t need a lumpy V8 to get it going fast. Currently, there is a high horsepower four cylinder turbo motor in the works from the automaker. It is expected that the new engine should deliver somewhere in the 300hp range. Couple that with a good dose of weight loss and that might still create a fun Charger for the masses.

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