Forum Weekly Review March 21

Posted by: Kenny Chan onMarch 21st, 2009

In this weekly segment, we cover the top discussions going on in the car forums. These threads may be the most recent hot topics, or epic threads that we just wanted to dig up and feature.

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AutoMaxx / Varsity Chrysler Threaten to Sue
We received an e-mail earlier this week from a chap named Gord Moors. He introduced himself as the owner of Varsity Chrysler and AutoMaxx Calgary. Regular readers of beyond would instantly recognize the name as there have been a few reviews written about those dealerships and a sales person by the name of Chris Thin. Anyway, Gord explains in subsequent e-mails that certain members on the forums are posting threats of violence towards Chris Thin. Our moderators removed those posts as soon as they were discovered (this thread is 4 years old!) but Gordy still wasn’t happy with how we dealt with it. For the full e-mail correspondence, check out the forum thread.

Shoot or Don’t Shoot?
We (the public) often criticize law enforcement for using deadly force in situations that we feel do not warrant it. Here is a thread with a few scenarios for you to read and decide if you would shoot if you were a police officer. There are no right/wrong answers to the scenarios, but its interesting to see the different responses.

City of Calgary Recycling Program
The blue recycling carts are gradually being delivered to more residents in the city and has sparked another recycling debate. Its too bad the city did not allow homeowners to opt out of the recycling program but most seem to be in favor of the program. I find it odd that the recycling fee is mandatory when the city will still be operating the community recycling centers (after they convert it to accept the same materials as the blue carts). Most condo/apartment complexes already have their own recycling programs so who will be using the community recycling centers?

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  1. Tarrant says:

    I like how 4 years later.. peoples posts are coming to haunt them.. nothing like changing times to ruin the summer fun!

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