Formula 1 to Debut Halo in 2018

Posted by: Walter Paxton onJuly 29th, 2016


The governing body FIA over Formula 1 released that the sport will be introducing the much debated and anticipated new cockpit technology which will improve driver head protection. The Halo design has been circulating for quite some time now with two prominent designs making headlines. First was the halo which partially encloses the top of the cockpit to provide drivers with added head protection from the open cockpit should they be involved in an accident. The second design is a visor design which enclosed the front of the cockpit much like a motorcycle windshield.

FIA has decided that the 2018 season will be the official introduction of the halo which will provide ample time for manufacturers to plan, design and implement the new safety feature. The design has not yet been chosen and FIA states that they are still open to design concepts. Ultimately, the decision will be made based on which design provides the best balance between design and driver protection with safety taking precedence.

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