Ford Ecosport Crossover to Come to North America

Posted by: Lydia Siu onFebruary 10th, 2016


There are many vehicles that are sold globally to international markets which we typically never see on North American soil. Take for example, in Europe, many of the smaller vehicles sold there work for the European market but just have no place in the North American car lineup. However, Ford’s EcoSport crossover, a subcompact SUV, may be an exception. With a strong performing SUV market in North America, Ford is contemplating bringing their subcompact SUV to our shores.

Ford is riding its success wave coming off of 2015 where their Escape and F-Series truck sold in record numbers. Other cars such as the Edge and the Explorer fared very well posting significant sales gains as well in 2015. The EcoSport crossover will give consumers another option in the Ford lineup and hopefully further strengthen Ford’s sales numbers going forward.

Look for the EcoSport crossover to hit North American showrooms in 2018.

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