Ford Bronco Making a Comeback?

Posted by: Lydia Siu onFebruary 12th, 2016

Ford Bronco Concept.

With Ford’s announcement to produce add more SUVs into their lineup by 2020, there might be hope that the folks over at the Blue Oval will be bringing back the Bronco. For myself, the last time my ears perked up for the Bronco name was when I heard there was a freeway chase in LA on CNN news.

Between that day on the news and today, there have been a few concept vehicles produced by Ford that donned the Bronco name. However, it was never made official whether the Bronco would be produced again. Now by popular demand of SUVs, the name may rise once again. Ford-UAW released details last year of a new SUV that could be produced by 2020 and it just might be the Bronco. We already know the Ford EcoSport will fill one of the four spots on Fords roster list.

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