Fisker Karma to be Sold as Karma Revero

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onApril 27th, 2016


The once Fisker company has gone through quite some changes. It is now officially known as Karma Automotive and was bought by China’s Wanxiang Group. Fisker’s very well known Karma also went through an identity change during this transition. Being called the Karma will no longer work as the company name is now Karma. So the new company has rebranded the vehicles with the name Revero which can be ordered by customer later this year with an August delivery date.

The Chinese owned company now runs all manufacturing operations out of the US. Jim Taylor, a former General Motors executive now Karma’s CMO, stated that the company has continued to support the original 1,950 owners with service and electronic upgrades to their vehicles. The original owners will be in the company of a new batch of owners really soon.

The new Karma Revero will have a host of new updates. The major upgrade is the drivetrain will be supplied by BMW and will be the company’s electric powertrain. Taylor says, “There are huge, serious, major upgrades throughout the electronics systems, wiring, charging, battery. All of which won’t be be visible to the naked eye.” This will allow Karma to keep the exterior beauty of the vehicle as intended but bring its technology and driveability up to today’s standards.

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