First Look Mid Engine Corvette

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJuly 4th, 2016


Chevrolet’s Corvette has long been an American hot rod icon. The latest iteration of the Corvette saw a major change in its appearance with much more angular and chiseled features very much resembling cars coming out from those Italian automakers. Well, it looks like the Corvette is taking through another major change that puts it more inline with it’s Italian competitors and possible making a mid-engine version. This is a major departure for the corvette as it has always been a front engine rear drive vehicle.

Other than some spy photos, there’s absolutely no details about the next generation Corvette that’s available to the public. The pictures, although blurry, does show a lower front end, a redesigned rear which shows an opening behind the driver’s head, and a much wider waistline. So despite the lack of information, seeing the prototype testing during the day has got the whole industry a buzz on what Chevy is up to.

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