Fiat’s 124 Spyder Gives Me Everything I Wanted in a BRZ

Posted by: Matt Iasenzaniro onNovember 20th, 2015


Turbo and a soft-top. Turbo and a soft-top. Turbo and a soft-top.

Give me a BRZ with a small turbo and a soft-top and you’ll be blinded by my firm and vigorous smile. While Toyobaru are busy making the GT86 exactly the same, Fiat has stepped in with their Italian passion™ and delivered me the revived 124 Spider. 1.4L turbo in the front sending 184 lb/ft to the rear wheels and my throbbing grin enjoying open air in between. And while we get double-wishbone front suspension and multilink rear, the good news ends there. It advertises light electric steering, which is the opposite of what I wanted to hear, and there’s suspicious lack of mentioned LSD.

It’s also got wheels and ride height that look better suited on a 90s Miata. The exterior design is nice, certainly nicer than anything else in Fiat’s North American line-up, but could look awkward outside of a showroom. The interior is also nice and lacks the quirks that make the 500 something for people who can be described as “bubbly”, but it could also bring the price of the car into unwelcome territory. That’s not to say it’s going to be a bad car, or that something amazing has been been tainted by a couple small failures, but my mouth has been downgraded to a semi-smirk to try and manage expectations.

At the very least, the 124 Spider is another entrant into the growing “little fun” segment that has been shamefully sparse for the last decade. I can’t wait to drive one. Though $10 says I finish my review with “I’d rather have a BRZ with a turbo and soft-top”.

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