Ferrari Teases Pics of Enzo Successor, F70

Posted by: Kenny Chan onDecember 4th, 2012

Someone attending a Ferrari presentation snapped a photo of what appears to be the successor to the Enzo, currently being called the Ferrari F70. It was posted to the Weibo (Chinese micro-blogging website) and then subsequently posted to the Ferrari F70 fan page.

Ferrari’s next supercar will be a hybrid utilizing the latest iteration of its Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) which they call HY-KERS presumably short for HYBRID KERS. Engine wise, everyone is expecting a monster V12 with at least 900hp. Of course to build what is essentially a street legal race car, we’ll see a ton of carbon fiber. Ferrari showed off the carbon fiber chassis at the Paris Auto Show which will be chiefly responsible for making the F70 nearly 600 pounds lighter than the Enzo!

Current rumors say to expect the F70 at the Detroit Auto Show, but personally I think Ferrari will do private unveilings early next year and the public debut will not be until March at the Geneva International Motor Show. I would however loved to be proven wrong ;)

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