Fast and Furious Datsun 240Z

Posted by: Lydia Siu onMarch 16th, 2016


An old Datsun 240Z isn’t the typical platform one chooses to build a high powered performance car. But then again, this is no ordinary build and this is no ordinary builder. Actor Sung Kang, better known as Han from the Fast and Furious franchise, brought together an A team to help him realize his dream build. What you see before you is a restomodded 1973 Datsun 240Z called the Fugu Z.

The initial project was to build a track car with the 240Z platform. The 240Z has a rich racing vintage as well as the Datsun name. Now with most project, a plan is put in place, but that generally changes direction very quickly as the brain juices start flowing and the imagination goes wild. The end product of the 240Z integrates many of the original design elements of the car paying homage its roots, but also resurrecting it and giving it a new life with tonnes of modern day technology. The car is now widebody, the interior completely stripped only keeping the key essentials for function. The powerplant is from a Nissan Skyline, but both turbos have been stripped off making it a naturally aspirated RB26 and tuned to produce 233-245hp.

This 240Z has been given a new life and is now breathing fire. With a few more tweaks, its going to be track ready.

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