Fast and Furious 8 in Iceland

Posted by: Lydia Siu onFebruary 24th, 2016


With the eighth and ninth installments of the Fast and Furious movies confirmed, there certainly won’t be any shortage of fast cars, action sequences, and Vin Diesel over the next few years. A couple of months ago, Diesel himself leaked an image of a movie poster for F&F8 with New York in the background. But we all know that the franchise doesn’t like to stay in one place.

Recently, photos started circulating of filming crews in Akranes, Iceland on set accompanied with quite the list of artillery vehicles. From armored trucks, to tanks, to staged explosions, it looks like the next installment of the F&F movies is going to pack another explosive punch.

Fifteen years later, the franchise is going as strong as ever. Who would’ve thought a street racing movie could go so far.

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