Fargo TV Series Filming in Calgary Involving Police Vehicles

Posted by: Kenny Chan onNovember 12th, 2013

Calgary Police say that over the next six months you may see a number of police vehicles from the United States on some Calgary roads as part of a production filming for the new TV series Fargo. Filming will take place in and around the Calgary area (I’m guessing anywhere there are snowy roads) and will continue at least until May 2014.

As part of the filming, the production company will be using a variety of different marked police vehicles made to look as if they are from the City of Bemidji Police and Duluth Police. While driving on City of Calgary roads there will be covers placed over the light bars. Calgary Police want the public to know they are aware of the production, who are working in co-operation with the Calgary Economic Development Film Office.

If you’ve ever seen Fargo the movie and thought, gee this looks a lot like Calgary in winter, you’re probably not alone as the production crew seem to agree.


Source: Calgary Police Facebook

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