F1 For the Road – The Ferrari F50

Posted by: Shelton Kwan onAugust 27th, 2014

To get used to the car, I decided to cruise around the city and see what it’s like to drive around in a million dollar car. It didn’t take long, 5 blocks to be exact, for the first stranger to stop in the middle of the opposite side of the road as I wait at the lights. “Holy shit that is an amazing piece of machinery!” proclaimed the random guy in a Ford as he held up 3 cars behind him. Through my 20 minute drive into downtown, it was a recurring theme. Cell phone cameras snapping away, guys asking about the car at lights, if there was a stereo in the F50, Nickleback’s Rockstar would be a fitting song to play.

Along the way, I ran into a handful of Ferraris. This is where things get interesting. I was snubbed by every single Ferrari owner on the road. I’ll politely wave, and nothing. Not even eye contact. A Ferrari 458 Spider owner took one look at me and the F50 and made a point to look in the other direction. What the hell is going on? Do Ferrari owners really know nothing about the history of the brand? As a Mercedes owner, if I see a brand unicorn, I’m chasing it down and talking to the owner like a crazy man.

I asked the owner if he shares the same experience as I did with other Ferraris on the road, and he agreed. “The problem with this city, is that many Ferrari owners buy Ferraris for absolutely the wrong reasons. I mean, not every Ferrari owner fits this stereotype, but a large number of them do. They buy a 458 and think they’re the biggest hot shot in town. When they run into the F50, half of them won’t even know what it is, and the other half will realize that they just got big leagued, so they will do everything they can to ignore you, drive away, and get their ego stroked elsewhere”. Wow.

Another interesting observation struck me as I made my way to 17th Ave, or the Red Mile for us locals. I quickly realized that the attention I was getting was pretty much all from men. Women crossing the street would take a quick look at the car and shrug it off like it was just another old Ferrari. I’ve driven other modern Ferraris down here before, and the attention difference from the opposite sex was night and day. Gold diggers take note, study your supercars, no matter how old.

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