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Posted by: Kenny Chan onSeptember 16th, 2013


After a notable absence in 2012, DTP returned to Vancouver for 2013 with a show at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It was a welcome change of venue from the outdoor show of 2011 at the Rocky Mountaineer Station as the clouds loomed above the waterfront, but the dark VCC venue made photography a wee bit more difficult.



There was a great variety of cars on the show floor, everything from high end exotics to the awesome lowriders. There was even a candy orange big rig at the show! I think my only complaint about the show was the size of it. DTP Calgary at the Olympic Oval feels about twice as big (you can argue quality is higher in Calgary too) and it costs $10 less than admission here in Vancouver. Overall I found the show was still pretty good if you want a sampling of Vancouver’s car scene all under one roof.


At Yokohama’s booth a hair stylist was on hand to shave their logo onto people’s heads. Why in the world would you want to do that you ask? Well to win free stuff of course! Yokohama gave away a few sets of tires to those brave enough to be a walking advertisement. Plus, you get to take your picture with these two lovely ladies.


The entertainment was spot on and kept the crowds entertained throughout the day and when there wasn’t anything going on the main stage the models kept everyone busy, especially the smoking hot Arianny Celeste who had a throng of fans waiting for her when she arrived at the DTP booth later in the afternoon. She was so hot the parkade tunnel filled with smoke later in the evening necessitating the services of the Vancouver Fire Department, although it may have been a dumpster that someone set on fire (insert Vancouver riot joke here).


Oh harro, Arianny!


Before I wrap it up I thought I’d mention which car was my favorite. Although it’s tough to choose just one, I’d say this was definitely in my top 3 of favorite cars at the show. Alright enough rambling, onto the pictures that all of you are here to see! Which car was your favorite? Did we miss covering it?

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