Dallas Traffic Cop Denies Man Visit To Dying Mother-in-Law

Posted by: Kenny Chan onMarch 27th, 2009

Ryan Moats, a running back for the Houston Texans was doing what every other normal person would do after hearing news that their mother-in-law was dying at the hospital. He got into his vehicle with his wife and rushed to the hospital so they could say their last goodbyes before she passed away. Unfortunately, a over-zealous traffic officer who had an obvious lapse of judgement denied Moats the opportunity to do so as he finished with his traffic stop.

Officer Robert Powell of the Dallas Police Department had attempted to pull Moats over for speeding and running a red light. Instead of pulling over, Moats activated his hazard lights and continued towards the hospital. After pulling into a parking spot in the hospital parking lot, Moats and his wife exited his vehicle and proceeded to enter the hospital when officer Powell drew his gun and asked them to stay put. After finally writing the tickets for speeding and running the red light, officer Powell continues to lecture Moats for his attitude and tells him that next time he should stop and explain to the officer what is going on.

Its too bad that Officer Powell doesn’t understand that there IS NO NEXT TIME.

You can watch the following videos to see how it all unfolded.

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Tarrant says:

    Bullshit. Thats all I have to say. I would sue the fuck out of this guy.. I understand its against the law to speed.. but honestly..

  2. Chris says:

    This cop is obviously an idiot. You give a cop a gun and a badge and they apparently throw rational decision making out the window. This is unfortunate and just plain sad. I would file a formal complaint. In fact if there is an online petition somewhere to have this cop reprimanded for his “overzealous” actions I would gladly put my name down.

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