Curtain Call for McLaren P1 Production

Posted by: Lydia Siu onDecember 14th, 2015


Supercars have always had a special place in a car freak’s heart. They symbolize speed, technology, and exclusivity. As a kid, I remember having posters of Lamborghini’s Countach and Ferrari’s F40 plastered on my walls. I bought Tamiya’s 1/24 scale versions of these cars, painstakingly cutting, painting, and gluing each piece together so I too can imagine what it would be like to own such unattainable vehicles. The McLaren P1 is the modern day equivalent of my F40.

The planned 375 production McLaren P1 has come and gone with the exception of the remaining track-only P1 GTR in it’s final numbers on the assembly line. The McLaren company is known for producing hyper performance cars that are ultra exclusive being that production numbers are always low and the vehicles are all spoken for before they even hit the showroom floors.

Like those who came before it, the P1 will likely continue to appreciate in value and the thought of owning one will just become a farther and farther reach.

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