CP Rail Bridge vs. Backhoe, Who Wins?

Posted by: Kenny Chan onOctober 12th, 2011

Well, this one is too close to call so we’ll say its a draw. You would think that the bridge should be sturdy enough to withstand an impact from a backhoe, but that was not the case for this CP Rail bridge in Lloydminster. A backhoe that was being transported on the back of a flatbed trailer crashed into the bridge knocking it off the concrete support pillars and onto the eastbound lanes of Highway 16. Police estimate that traffic will be re-routed for several days as crews clean up the scene.

I suppose its better that a trailer knocks the bridge off the support instead of a fully loaded train causing the bridge to collapse. I’m no engineer, but I’m pretty sure these bridges should be able to withstand an impact from a trailer carrying a backhoe. Of course, the truck driver could’ve been speeding too. Either way, its going to be one heck of a mess to cleanup and repair.

More pictures are available on the Lloyd FM Facebook Page
Photo by: Lloyd FM 95.9 (Heather Klages) via Thager

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