Could This be a Porsche 928 Revival?

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJune 2nd, 2016

porsche 928 spy-photo

With the recent revival of the old 718 moniker from Porsche, it’s stirred up a lot of rumors that Porsche might bring back the 928 name in a modern day vehicle. The rumor mill even went so far to speculate that a new 928 could potentially be based on a shorter bodied Panamera. So when photos of a shortened Panamera was actually spied, it really got the whispers turned up a notch.

Although the spy photos show a four door body styling, Porsche concept vehicles have been known to be extremely deceptive to hide the true identity of the test vehicle. The probability that this is a 928 test car is unknown. It might even be just a short Panamera, which at one time was rumored to be the Pajun. Again, there’s no official word either way. What we do know is Porsche has something up their sleeves and we can’t wait to hear what it is.

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