Climbing Snowy Hills with a Ferrari F40

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onApril 4th, 2016

f40 snow

When you think about camping vehicles, you think about minivans, SUVs, trucks, or for those who want to splurge an RV. These are the typical modes of transportation that frequent campsite with family in tow. When it comes to Red Bull, they don’t like to go typical. Instead, they go for what every car nut had on their bedroom wall in the 90’s, the Ferrari F40.

That’s right! A friggin Ferrari F40 to go camping. Red Bull took their F40 to Japan who put the car to its paces on some not so foreign soil, or snow in this case. They drive up to a ski resort, slap on some snow chains paired up to some studded tires, and go balls out climbing the ski slopes. Building speed up the slopes definitely wasn’t much of an issue when you have a 2.9L V8 twin turbo motor pumping out 478hp right behind your head.

So next time you look at your sports coupe and think to yourself it probably won’t be a good travelling car, slap yourself in the face and remember the image of this F40 climbing snow hills with luggage strapped to its roof, then winds down at a camp site to a warm glowing fire.

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