Civic Turbo More Power than Expected

Posted by: Lydia Siu onFebruary 19th, 2016


This recent news about the better than expected performance from Honda’s four cylinder turbo engine is certain a saving grace given Honda’s recent stop sale on their non-turbo engines for piston and snap ring issues leading to total engine failure. A turbo charged motor hasn’t seen its way into a production Honda since the introduction of the 2.3L Turbo in Acura’s RDX in 2013 (although still not technically a Honda). Many Honda enthusiasts, myself included, have been waiting for the return of a turbocharged four cylinder engine by the company.

So with the return of the four cylinder turbo engine, tuners are eager to get their hands on one to see what they are really made of. This is where Honda tuner Hondata comes in. They took a stock engine and ran some baseline numbers. As advertised by Honda, the estimated power output should be 174hp and 162lb/ft of torque. But to everyone’s surprise, their fully stock 2016 Civic Touring churned out 177hp and 190lb/ft of torque at the wheels. Controlling for dyno differences, the test car still performed better than Honda advertised.

Great news for the consumers who want to get into an affordable and quick Honda. Even better news for the tuners who have a solid platform to build on for more performance.

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