Chevy’s 10 Speed Auto Faster than Porsche’s PDK

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onMay 12th, 2016

camaro zl1

That’s quite the statement from Chevy when the claim is put up again one of, if not the best automatic transmissions out there on the market. Porsche’s PDK transmission is known for its fast and precise shifting, and even more importantly, capable of handling the immense amounts of power the automaker can throw at it.

Now comes the new entrant, a ten speed automatic transmission from Chevy which is found in the all new Camaro ZL1. Chevy states that their transmission is indeed faster and more precise than Porsche’s PDK. In fact, each gear shift between first through fourth is at least 25% faster than the PDK transmission. Chevy is able to pull this off with it’s intricately, and technologically advanced, clutch mechanisms inside their new transmission. The new transmission packs in six clutches which makes it behave like a dual clutch transmission, but there’s ultimately still a torque converter inside the whole setup.

According to Chevy, this combination allows their all new ten speed transmission to perform like a dual clutch transmission, but offer the refinement of a traditional automatic transmission.

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