Chevy Bolt To Fight Against Tesla EV Dominance

Posted by: Kenny Chan onJanuary 12th, 2015


As part of a two hit combo aimed at taking down Tesla Motors, Chevy has unveiled a more direct competitor to Tesla’s (future) offerings. We’ve told you about Chevy’s next generation 2016 Volt, but here at the 2015 NAIAS, the Chevy Bolt concept was also unveiled. The Bolt EV concept is a essentially a slightly larger, and much longer range version of the Volt in a body that looks more like the Spark aimed squarely at the Tesla.

β€œThe Bolt EV concept is a game-changing electric vehicle designed for attainability, not exclusivity,” said General Motors CEO Mary Barra. β€œChevrolet believes electrification is a pillar of future transportation and needs to be affordable for a wider segment of customers.”

With a target price of $30,000 and a 200 mile electrical range, the Bolt will definitely take care of the exclusivity (an obvious dig at Tesla) issue for long range electrical vehicles. Chevrolet plans to sell the Bolt in all 50 states and other global markets and not just in regions and locales with heavy incentives.

Design wise, the Bolt EC pushes the definitions of a crossover. While smaller than most, by pushing the axles to the extreme front and rear, the interior space is maximized to provide a roomy environment for four people. Vented rear fenders and light weight materials help to maximize range. A frosted glass panoramic roof and wrap around rear window help to further give the interior that open airy feeling. The center console, mounted to the front seats appears to be floating under the main dash. On the dash, a large 10″ touch screen provides access to most of the vehicle’s systems (there are hardly any physical buttons in the vehicle). Owners are also able to use their own smartphones as keys to the system, using presumably NFC.

Check out our extensive gallery of the new Chevy Bolt EV Concept from the 2015 North American International Auto Show.

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