Catching Pokemon on the Nurburgring

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJuly 15th, 2016


Seems like you can’t go anywhere these days without being bombarded by Pokemon. I, personally, was too old to play with Pokemon. They don’t make any sense to me, but for those who did enjoy the characters growing up, the new Pokemon Go game is nothing less than addictive. Everywhere you go for the last couple of weeks, you see people trying to catch these darn Pokemon on their cell phones. People go to far lengths to catch these cartoon creatures, and for one player he decided to hope in a Ring Taxi and catch some Pokemon on a race lap around the historic track.

The game designers created an interactive game which required the player to physically go outside, walk around, and find Pokemons which have been spread all around the world. The goal of the game is to catch them all, and what more obscure yet fun place to catch some Pokemon than at the Nurburgring.

My thought? It’s blasphemy to go for a ride on the Nurburgring and do anything else other than sit tight and enjoy the historic track and all that the ring taxi driver has to offer in terms of speed and excitement as they fly through the race track. Focusing on finding Pokemons at the Nurburging just goes to show how addicted people are in the pursuit to find all the characters.

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