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Fast 8 Goes Cuban


The Fast and Furious crew were seen filming the latest iteration of the franchise in Cuba. The crew were onset with a bunch of movie camera cars which simply means one thing, more chase scenes to come! With Cuban nation welcoming the US crew to shoot the lucrative Fast 8 movie in their country, it is going to be very exciting to be exposed to a country where we typically don’t see much of.

Mr. Nice Guy himself Vin Diesel was seen taking time between and after shoots mingling and embracing his Cuban fans. The old crew will all be joining in on the new Fast 8 movie, so be prepared to see more screen time by Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Lucas Black, Kurt Russell, and Jason Statham. We have heard that even Eva Mendes will be making a reappearance in the new franchise movie.

Porsche 924 GTP Restored

porsche 924 gtp

This year is the 40th birthday of Porsche’s 924. This particular model of Porsche is like that uncle’s brother’s son that nobody sees but keeps hearing about him. What I mean is, the 924 is that one model that’s often unappreciated for the history that it created. It spawned the 944s and the 968s which both were amazing touring and track day cars.

Porsche Great Britain is commemorating the 924s’ birthday by restoring a 924 GTP race car. With a full racing pedigree, this particular 924 has been in storage at the Porsche museum since the 80’s. of the vehicle’s legacy by bringing a 1980 Porsche 924 GTP racecar back to its former glory. The original 2.0 turbo engine race prepped to pump out 315hp and 282lb/ft of torque is still in the engine bay. More racing signs include the missing front bumper and scuffed up paint.

Mitsubishi USA Claim Fuel Numbers are Correct

mitsubishi logo

Mitsubishi Japan is in a lot of trouble having recently been raided by officials on allegations of producing fraudulent fuel economy data. This had Mitsubishi USA and the Environmental Protection Agency on high alert with the EPA immediately launching an investigation. Mitsubishi USA also immediately reacted and conducted an internal audit on their vehicles dating back to 2013. According to the automaker, many of the models they produced between 2013 t0 2017 have accurate fuel economy readings.

Mitsubishi Japan has admitted now to authorities and to the public that they flubbed fuel economy data in their mini cars sold in Japan. They were able to do so because of different laws and standards around Road Load Coefficient testing. The EPA in the US has 1 set of standards that is used for Road Load Coefficient testing and Mitsubishi USA adhered strictly to those standards. As a result, the US based company is now trying to distance itself from news coming out of the Japanese company.

Nurburgring Gets Bought By Russian Billionaire


What do you get when you mix racing with a Russian Billionaire? Well the purchase of a German race track of course. Viktor Kharitonin, a Russian business man, already owned a large stake in the historic Nurburgring race track, but recently he forked out some more cash and now has 99% ownership.

Kharitonin began acquiring stakes in the Nurburgring starting in 2014, purchasing large quantities of shares from a then failing German autoparts company Capricorn Group. The majority owner will likely bring about some changes. One of which is talks with a fellow billionaire Bernie Ecclestone on bringing Formula 1 back to the ring. The Nurburgring has played host to Formula 1 in the past, and has been a mainstay in motorsport history. It is only right for the sport to come back and entertain fans at undoubtedly one of the best courses in the world.

Barn Full of Aircooled Volkswagens go to Auction


The people’s car was minted out of the factory at such a staggeringly large number, you can literally find them in all parts of the world. So when a barn full of classic aircooled Volkswagens popped up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, part of me wasn’t surprised, but the other part of me knew that something rare and very cool just happened.

The Iowa barn housed 25 vintage aircooled VWs and a host of parts that could probably build 25 more. Apparently, the barn was a foreign car dealership at one point in time. The original owner of the cars passed them over to his son who is now the caretaker for the stash of VWs. But as with all good things, they must come to an end and the owner has decided to clear up some space and put the collection up for auction.

The collection contains a large number of beetles, as well as a few rare vehicles like the two single-cab Type 2s, a few Type 3 square backs and some Karmann Ghias. Amongst the rare collection of cars is a huge collection of parts both standard and very rare.

Volkswagen’s “How to Cheat” PowerPoint Found in Investigation

vw cheat powerpoint

A PowerPoint presentation that documents in detail how Volkswagen could cheat emission testing was discovered through an ongoing investigation into Volkswagen’s diesel scandal. This is definitely a face palm moment for the German automaker.

The presentation is said to contain detailed description which shows the programming which can be coded into the computer of the vehicle which would predict emission testing conditions and pull back on pollution controls under those circumstances. Once the car knows it’s back on the road, it turns off the pollution controls and goes back to the performance that owners are used to, unknowingly producing much higher pollution.

Apparently, the presentation was created by a very high level executive in the IT department at Volkswagen. That individual’s name will not be disclosed due to the privacy laws of Germany.

Jaguar and their Wagon Future


News about Jaguar not making any more wagons caused quite a stir when the news broke. So out comes Ian Callum, Jaguar’s Chief Design Executive, to clear that up. He said “I said there would be no XE Sportbrake. Nothing more!”

Well, thankfully with that said, we can expect some more family haulers to come out of the Jaguar pipeline in the future. Jaguar’s XF Sportbrake and XFR-S performance spec were the first two wagons to be produced by the company and it certainly showed us what we can look forward to from the automaker.

Maybe one day we can even find one of those F-type 500hp V8’s shoved into the front end of a Jaguar wagon. We won’t get out hopes up and most wagons produced for the European market never makes it way to North American shores.

Bentley Mulsanne First Edition Unveiled in Beijing


Bentley is known for making ultra luxury vehicles and spares no expenses when it comes to fine and exotic materials. Today, they have taken to the Beijing Auto Show to debut an even more exclusive version of their Mulsanne simply dubbed the First Edition.

Bentley will ensure hyper exclusivity to owners by only making 50 First Editions. For the lucky owners, they will be able to choose between the standard Mulsanne, the longbody version, and the Mulsanne Speed.

True to the Bentley way, the Mulsanne First Edition will have very limited options such as a First Edition only custom sterling silver vanity kit which is designed to fit into picnic table in the back seat. I mean why wouldn’t you want to have a custom vanity kit in your car? Oh, and lets not forget about the champagne cooler. This isn’t as exclusive a touch considering other Bentley models also can be purchased with that option.

Pricing for the Mulsanne First Edition has not yet been released, but it shouldn’t be surprising that it’ll take a good chunk of change to be the owner of one of 50 cars. Then again, a chunk of change to me is just pocket lint to the interested buyers.

Volkswagen GTI Clubsport

Der neue Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport

As a Volkswagen enthusiast myself, I was pretty bummed to hear that the 395hp Golf R400 project got scrapped. Now to add insult to injury, the European market is going to get a GTI Clubsport that’s good for 305hp and it will be unveiled at Wörthersee on May 4.

Volkswagen has confirmed that the Clubsport GTI will be a full production car and will begin sales some time after September. The Clubsport is designed with the weekend racer in mind with more power and chassis tuning that makes this a track-focused version of the latest generation of Golfs and slots right between the standard Golf and the Golf R. The Clubsport will also feature custom aero.

Next Generation BMW M5 Spotted Uncover


BMW’s next generation M5 has been spotted testing on roads recently. The car is still wearing a lot of it’s camouflage, but as one can expect from BMW, the new M5 will continue to blend luxury and elegance with balls out performance.

The test car shows off it’s more aggressively proportioned front facia with larger vents. The rear of the car continues with the sporty theme, but all that’s really visible are the four exhaust tips peeking out from the bumper. Look a little further and you’ll spot the signature BMW small rear lip spoiler as well.

Set to challenge Mercedes’ E63 AMG in the power department, the 2018 BMW M5 will be using a 4.4L twin turbo V8 powerplant that’s good for 620hp. Power will be sent to all four wheels, but the system is naturally rear wheel biased. Gear selection will be automatic via a seven speed dual clutch transmission. A manual gear box will likely not make it into production for the new M5

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