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Novitec Lamborghini Aventador


Long time exotic car tuner Novitec has put their mastery touch on the raging bull once again. This time, they’ve chosen the Aventador and the specialist have put their take on both visual and performance enhancements. One might as, how can you make a Lamborghini Aventador better? Well, one look at the images here and it’s easy to answer that one.

In today’s exotic car modifying scene where Lamborghini’s with extended bolt on fender flares and airride are getting the most play time, it is refreshing to see an Aventador that isn’t all hacked to bits. Novitec created one off carbon fiber aero package for the Aventador that accentuates every line and angle of the Aventador. Nothing visually stands out of place, rather, each component creates a perfect harmony of performance and beauty.

The tuning isn’t skin deep. Engine enhancements allows the 6.5L V12 to breathe better resulting in 785 hp. With generous use of carbon fiber on the outside, Novitec shaved another 46lbs off of the cars weight with a light weight performance exhaust. Performance enhancements continue with a fully tuned and upgraded suspension which also lets the Aventador hunker down by an extra 1.3 inches.

Acura’s First New NSX


We saw it first in a Super Bowl commercial, then came the battle of who would own the first one off the production line. Well, after much waiting, officially the first NSX rolls off the assembly line and into the hands of the first lucky owner.

The first 2017 Acura NSX went to Rick Hendricks. Hendricks paid a hefty $1.2 million to have these bragging rights thanks to an auction that he won through Barrett-Jackson. Hendricks got to order his NSX exactly as he wanted; in Valencia Red Pearl with exclusive interwoven wheels, carbon ceramic brake rotors, leather and Alcantara interior trim and carbon fiber upgrades including the engine cover, roof and rear decklid spoiler.

Mercedes to Release Four EV Cars


News is starting to circulate that Mercedes-Benz is planning the release of four new electric vehicles by 2020. Which model in their lineup will get the EV treatment is yet to be determined, but the signs are pointing to two sedans and two SUVs.

Initial guess is that the new electric sedans will be based off of the C-Class and S-Class, while the SUVs will be based on the GLA and GLC small crossovers. Coming full force with four EV cars is a sign that Mercedes is beginning to build their army to compete in the same market space as Tesla.

No news yet as to whether these vehicles will make its way to North American shores. However, as both US and Canada continues to strive for green energy, EV cars will become more and more of a common place item.

Vintage Land Cruiser Pickup Restored to Perfection


The old adage less is more is somewhat of a rarity these days; especially when it comes to cars. Automakers seem to be cramming every bit of technology into cars these days, from sensors that keep you in your lane, to in car entertainment that rivals some home theatre systems. Ne small electric or computer glitch usually puts your car out of commission for a while at the dealers while expertly trained technicians dig into the computer spewing out a wordy diagnosis that essentially is meaningless to the normal human being.

That’s what makes this 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 a true gem of a car. First off, if there’s something that not needed or not functional, it’s not on the car. Next up, if you break down, all you’ll likely need are some simple tools to get you back up and running. No computer diagnosis, no digital gremlins, just simple good old trusty gasoline power.

This particular FJ45 has gone through a full restoration to bring it back up to better than factory condition. A true timeless beauty, and finished in a perfectly suited Sky Blue. The FJ40 is powered by a 3.9L carbureted straight-six which makes 125hp and 209 lb/ft of torque. Fast it isn’t, but a reliable work mule it is, and a pretty looking mule that is.

Imperial Crown Convertible Mad Men Style


Those who are always in check with their carbon foot print will choose a Toyota Prius as their form of transport. Then there are those on the opposite end who prefer big lumpy V8s which have you at a game of chasing the gas needle every time you go out for a drive. People in that category will certainly not mind to be behind the wheel of a 1964 Imperial Crown Convertible. Much less one that has had some screen time in AMC’s hit TV show Mad Men.

This specific car that’s going up for auction was driven by Jon Hamm’s character in the whow. It’s Hollywood notoriety may make it one of the most famous 1964 Imperial Crown Convertibles, but what makes this car even more unique is the fact that less than 1000 made and less than 200 in a convertible for 1964, that makes this a pretty rare catch.

The car has seen some auction time in the past trading hands at $23,625 back in 2015. Now it will go up on the block again at an auction which will take place between June 1 to June 15.

Honda Might Relaunch the S2000


With the recent successful relaunch of the all new Acura NSX, the Honda company has turned their attention to their smaller two seat roadster, the S2000. Since the S2000 went out of production in 2009, enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for the company to bring out the next evolution of Honda’s highly capable roadster. There have been a few concepts here and there over the years to wet our appetite, but rumors are now surfacing that Honda might plan a relaunch to coincide with their 70th anniversary.

Acura’s NSX project used a large number of internal resources during it’s development through production phases. Now that the NSX project is finished, it is likely that Honda will have a lot more time to focus on other special projects like the S2000. Fittingly enough, a 70th anniversary relaunch would line up to plans that Honda had for the original S2000 which debuted for the automaker’s 50th anniversary.

No other details have been leaked to the public on the potential S2000 project. However, based on engines available in today’s Honda lineup, and staying true to the heritage of the S2000, the next evolution of the car will likely keep to a 2.0L four cylinder, but utilize turbo and electric technology, similar to the NSX.

Koenigsegg Develops All New 4 Cylinder Motor

Koenigsegg freevalve

Big power, supercars is what Koenigsegg is know to manufacturer. The underlying element that pushes this company to a level like no other is their innovation and the lack of fear they have to try and develop new technology. As the boundary pusher, Koenigsegg is now moving into the market of producing a 400hp four-cylinder motor.

But unlike any four cylinder you might have seen on the market, Koenigsegg is partnering with a company called FreeValve to produce a cam-less engine. FreeValve has designed technology which replaces the camshaft you traditionally see in internal combustion engines. Instead, the opening and closing of valves is controlled using PHEA technology which allows the computer to control valve positioning to an infinite degree.

The result, possible a 1.6L four cylinder engine that will produce 400 plus horsepower. The engine will be highly efficient in making high horsepower and also be very fuel economical. No news as of yet on when this engine will be produced, but it shows how far technology has come and how far manufacturers like Koenigsegg is willing to go to push technological boundaries.

Audi’s Refreshed Lineup


For 2017, Audi refreshed a few models within their lineup. Although the changes aren’t huge, it is enough to bring some new life into their cars. For 2017 the A6 3.0T gets a new Competition Package that boosts power on the 3.0L supercharged V-6 340 hp and 325lb/ft of torque. Adding to the performance side of things, the Competition Package also comes with a rear limited slip differential. The inside gets custom diamond stitched leather seats and the exterior gets new 20 inch wheels. On the standard end, the A6 2.0T and 3.0T comes standard with S line trim.

The 2017 A7 3.0T will also receive the Competition Package treatment with similar features within the package to the A6. Audi will also be bringing the RS7 Performance model to the U.S. The RS7 Performance model offers 605 hp and 560lb/ft of torque from its 4.0L twin-turbo V-8. That’s a 45hp jump over the regular RS7.

Opel, the Next Cheater on the List


The list continues to grow with automakers either coming forward or authorities raiding the automaker’s headquarters to disclose their cheating. The long and short of it is that it is becoming clear that car makers of all varieties around the world have been doing their share to blur the lines between legal or not legal when it comes to fuel economy or emission cheating.

Recently, Opel’s CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann came out and directly denied that their company was using emission cheating devices in their cars. In a follow up statement, they now are saying that devices are used on their vehicles which manipulate the exhaust system under some situations, but that device is not illegal.

German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt now heading an investigation to understand what device Opel is using and whether the automaker broke any laws. Dobrindt said that, “the investigating committee has doubts about whether this practice is completely justified by the protection of the engine. The accusations concern control of the emissions treatment with the Opel Zafira relating to the revolutions, the air pressure and the speed.”

Fiat 500 Gets Recalled


Fiat is issuing a recall on their 500 which impacts 39,217 vehicles which were built between 2012 to 2016. The issue has been identified as a faulty clutch release in the transmission which “may exceed design parameters” resulting in imminent damage to the mechanical parts of the transmission.

Fiats recall will require an upgrade to the clutch release systems in the 500. Once the recall begins, dealers will complete the service to the vehicles at no cost to the owners.

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