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Driven 2015 Winnipeg Show Coverage


Pictures from this past weekend’s Driven 2015 show in Winnipeg are finally being posted, I tried to get every car but if I missed anyone, my apologies. This was my first time in Winnipeg and let me tell you, I had no idea it was so humid there! Shooting the Formula Drift Canada demo on hot pavement in that humidity was no fun at all, but luckily there was also the main Driven 2015 show which was inside an air conditioned building at the Red River Exhibition grounds.

I took a few of the shots while up on a mobile lift to give a bird’s eye view of the show and you’ll notice a gentleman in the shot above taking a picture of me. He was quite upset that I was not certified (read: union) to operate the lift and that I wasn’t harnessed in. If anyone knows him, please let him know I survived the lift (and Winnipeg!).

I’m going to highlight some of my favorites at the show here in the post, but you’ll be able to find the rest of the shots in the gallery at the end of the post. First up was this “KRX” K-swapped CRX, easily one of my favorites.


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Formula Drift Canada Demo at Driven 2015 Winnipeg


As part of the Driven 2015 tour in Winnipeg, Formula Drift Canada came out to put on a spectacular drift demo for all of those in attendance. Ben Woo, VP of Formula Drift Canada put on a great demonstration of the sport by going over the basic rules, explained how drifting is judged and went over the main techniques that drivers use to drift their vehicles. Drivers put on solo, tandem as well as triple drifts burying the fans and the venue under a thick wall of tire smoke. Based on how loud the crowd got at some points, it is safe to say they loved it.

We captured a few shots of the event which you can check out in the gallery!

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Honda Civic Type-R Coming to Canada


Good news for those who have been eagerly anticipating any news on whether the Civic Type-R will be coming to Canada. We’ve posted about the progress of this vehicle a few times including the concept version we shot when we were at the Paris Motor Show which is pictured above. At the time, the Type-R was not expected to arrive in North America but at the New York Auto Show Honda showed off a “global model” leading to speculation that the hot hatch would be making the trip across the pond.

Today, sources have confirmed that Honda Canada has announced via its dealership network employee eBiz portal that the Type-R will indeed be arriving in Canadian dealerships. At this point, no pricing information or any other details are available but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any official news from Honda Canada.

If you forgot, the new Type-R redefines Civic performance by offering a more than 280hp in the Honda hot hatch. Coupled with a slick shifting 6 speed manual transmission and the ability to rev to 7000rpm, Honda promises the new Civic Type-R to exceed performance from the previous Type-R’s, which includes the Integra, Accord, and even the NSX.

McLaren F1 GT Experimental Prototype #056 in New York


One of three. Seeing a McLaren F1 in person is rare enough, but to see the most rare of all, the McLaren F1 XPGT (Experimental Prototype GT) definitely tops some sort of list. McLaren had brought this F1 out at the Geneva Auto Show to showcase the new McLaren 675LT “Longtail”, as this was the prototype Longtail that McLaren needed to build for homologating the F1 GTR race car. McLaren didn’t even need to build any more F1 GT’s, but they built 2 more to satisfy their wealthy clientele, hence, one of three.

The XPGT, owned by McLaren, rarely leaves the factory. It rarely leaves Europe, so seeing it displayed at the New York Auto Show in Manhattan was just something else. It was only out in the open for a single non public day, so unfortunately, the chance to see her is gone.

You can read more on the history and story of the XPGT #056 over at the McLaren website. We were able to get some close up shots of her, check it out after the jump.

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2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Gets Small Visual Updates


Mitsubishi just revealed the 2016 Outlander which has received a few visual changes as part of a mid cycle refresh. The changes are quite subtle and unless you’re familiar with the Outlander, you probably wouldn’t even notice anything was changed.

The most obvious change is the revised front bumper that smooths out some of the more aggressive chiseled elements under the headlights. On the sides, the front fascia now bulges out slightly. Together with a modified grille featuring beefier slats the new front end design which Mitsubishi calls “Dynamic Shield” gives the Outlander the appearance of a wider stance. The look was inspired from the bumper side protection seen on generations of the Montero providing unique protection for both people and car. Down the side, the lower part of the doors get some new garnish giving the Outlander a more rugged look.

Inside is a redesigned steering wheel, seats and trim, and rear folding seats. The revised 2016 Outlander will go on sale this summer. Check out some pictures of the changes on the 2016 Outlander after the break.

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Mazda 2 Sedan errr I mean the 2016 Scion iA or maybe Toyota Yaris


Until today, I didn’t know that Toyota and Mazda had any type of co-operative relationship. Introducing the Toyota Yaris sedan (in Canada) / Scion iA (in USA) / Mazda 2 sedan (elsewhere).

It is supposed to start in the $16K range in the US for the Scion version. I’d expect just under $19K in Canada.

A 1.5L 4-cylinder 106hp engine motivates the Yaris and is connected to a choice of a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed auto.

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Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen AllTrack Coming to North America


Have you ever longed for a more practical version of the Golf R? Perhaps you have a small family and needed more space but wanted the 4Motion all-wheel-drive system? Well, VW has announced that the Golf SportWagen AllTrack that we wrote about from the Paris Motor Show will indeed be coming to North America next year as a 2017 model.

The AllTrack all-wheel-drive model takes the regular Golf SportWagen and adds about an inch of additional ground clearance, wheelarch moldings like the Audi AllRoad, revised front and rear bumpers and flared side sills that offer additional body protection. Oh, and of course it also gets the 4Motion all-wheel-drive system that utilizes the latest generation HALDEX-5 coupling that allows the vehicle to operate as a FWD for better fuel economy until the system detects a loss of traction when it can send up to 50% of the torque to the rear wheels.

There is no information on what engines will be available on the AllTrack but if I were to hazard a guess the 1.8 TSI is a safe bet, but perhaps they’ll borrow the 2.0L from the GTI. We’ll know more closer to the release date which is still only as specific as “sometime next year”.

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Toyota Adds Hybrid Model For 2016 RAV4


Hybrids are infecting the rest of the Toyota Line. Today, in New York, Toyota unveiled the latest RAV4. The Rav4 got a bit of a polishing with new LED headlights, tail lights and bumper treatments. Other improvements include a new cup holder that accommodates your favourite mug with handles and paddle shifters on the new SE trim level.

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Another eurowagon is on its way. 2016 Scion iM.


It seems North Americans don’t get it. Wagons are better. It’s something that Europeans know and thus you see many more wagons than SUVs on the other side of the Atlantic. Here in New York, we got our first live look at the production Scion iM that is a rebadged Toyota Auris which is based on the Corolla.

It is a 5 door with a hatch in the back. It’s expected to come in under $20K USD, so expect it to be around $25K in Canada. The iM comes with a choice of a 6-speed manual or a CVTi-S with “7-step shifting.”

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2016 Nissan Maxima World Debut In New York


The 2016 Nissan Maxima made its world debut this morning here in at the Jacob Javits Convention Center at the New York Auto Show to a fairly large crowd. Chairman and CEO of Nissan Carlos Ghosn introduced the new Maxima and also announced that the Sentra and Altima will receive their updates later this year joining the Titan update which was revealed in Detroit and the Maxima we’re looking at today.

The all-new 2016 Nissan Maxima features a laminated windshield and front side windows as well as Bose noise cancelling technology to provide a quieter cabin. For those that prefer to hear more noise, namely the engine, the new Drive mode selector when switched to “Sport” will amplify the engine noise into the cabin. Outside of any active ducting, I’m going to guess this is just simulated engine notes coming out of the stereo or a dedicated speaker as opposed to the actual sounds the engine is making. I guess this choice is better than other vehicles that employ active engine noise speakers that are running full time in the cabin.

Styling wise, Nissan was able to stick pretty much completely to the Sport Sedan Concept they brought last year to this very same New York Auto Show. Even the floating roof concept was brought over with the blacked out C-pillar which I totally expected would be left out of the production version. Out front the v-motion front grille is centered between a pair of updated boomerang shaped LED headlights with LED daytime running lights. LED foglights can be found in the lower corners of the front fascia. Out back, the LED taillights feature a “4DSC” logo which is what Nissan refers to the Maxima as, a “4-Door Sports Car”. Down the length of the car at the top of the doors is a chrome trim that connects with the bottom of the blacked out c-pillar detail. The blacked out c-pillar detail creates an illusion of a disconnected roof, unless you decide to go with a black Maxima as Nissan has chosen to go with black on the c-pillar on all colors, even black.

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