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Mazda CX-5 Recall and Stop Sale


A recall and stop sale has been issued by Mazda on all of their 2014-2016 CX-5 vehicles. Mazda identified a defect with the fuel filler pipe on the CX-5 which could rupture in a rear end collision causing a fuel leak and leading to a fire.

This is a major recall for Mazda affecting over 404 000 vehicles across the US and Canada. As of now, Mazda has reported this defect to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Further information detailing the recall and repairs needed on these vehicles will be released by Mazda shortly.

Customers with questions are encouraged to contact their local dealership immediately.

Fast and Furious 9 and 10


Last month Vin Diesel teased fans with a poster of Fast 8 which had the Empire State Building in its backdrop. Little more is know about the new film other than it will be directed by Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray, and we can’t freaking wait for the next movie to drop on April 14, 2017! The Fast and Furious franchise seems to have the Midas touch to everything it makes. So much so Diesel tease fans further by confirming dates for a 9th and 10th installment.

The latter two films for the franchise will be hitting theatres on April 19, 2019 and April 2, 2021 respectively. No other information about the films have been released, especially details about the cast. What we can expect from any Fast and Furious movies is action packed sequences, ridiculous car chase scenes that don’t make any sense but are both entertaining and exhilarating to watch, and Dom bringing along his family to rid the world of another crime lord.

Honda Recalls 341,000 Accord


Honda Motor Co. has issued a recall on their Accord with a build date between 2008-2010 which is set to impact 341,000 vehicles in the United States. The problem has been isolated to an electric control unit that controls the restraint system. Specifically, moisture is affecting the operation of the electronic control module which could result in the airbags not deploying. So far two injuries have confirmed to be linked to the units.

Honda will be reaching out to customers through a recall letter in March. Actual repairs may not happen until fall of 2016 due to a shortage of parts required for the repairs. Once the parts are available, Honda will notify customers again about the necessary repairs. In the meantime, if your vehicle’s airbag light is on, bring it into your local dealers immediate for a diagnosis. All service for repairs related to this recall will be completed at not charge to customers.

Skoda VisionS Concept SUV


Skoda has been on a journey of design rediscovery since 2014 when they released the VisionC concept. Continuing with that design language, Skoda recently released images of the VisionS (S for SUV) and is set to officially debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Judging from the pictures, the size of the concept SUV invokes immediate road presence. Also, the VisionS is said to offer three rows of seats carrying a total of six passengers.

Paying tribute to Czech art of crystal-glass design, Skoda infuses crystalline elements into the exterior of the vehicle to create a striking balance between the soft elements and the precision and chiseled lines of the VisionS. The side view showcases the strong SUV characteristics of the VisionS most notably the strong bodylines and the massive and angular wheel arches that swallows some equally large off-road tires.

The VisionS is an impressive looking SUV. We just hope that the performance specifications will live up to the beautiful design.

Bugatti Veyron for $89,000


Like a Michael Jackson impersonator, he may look good, and sound good, but at the end of the day you can’t help but just laugh. As is the case with this faux Bugatti Veyron. For a fraction of the cost of the original, you too can own this imposter vehicle which is actually a Mercury Cougar with a boat load of fiberglass surgery.

Just Toys Classic Cars’ offers a variety of replica kit cars that allow the shallower pocket hypercar lovers a chance to experience what it like to behind the wheel of an attention grabbing car. However, things still don’t come cheap as the kit car price tag still tap in at $89,000USD. For that price, you’ll be behind the wheels of a Veyron with the heart of a kitty cat. Under the “hood” you’ll find a V6 Duratec motor that churns out a whopping 170hp.

In all honesty, for that price you probably can’t get yourself a real hypercar, but you can definitely situate yourself behind the wheel of a used performance car, or even an older model Ferrari.

Matt LeBlanc Joins Top Gear


“I’ll be there for you….” Is what Matt LeBlanc will be saying to Chris Evans as the two team up as hosts of Top Gear UK, undoubtedly the most successful of all the Top Gear series which airs around the world. Matt LeBlanc, best known for his role as Joey Tribbiani on the US NBC sitcom Friends was announced as the new co-host of the BBC show.

The idea of Matt LeBlanc hosting Top Gear isn’t as far fetched as one might think. LeBlanc is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and also holds the record for the fastest time in the “Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car” segment on the show. LeBlanc is also a Golden Globe winner for his work on the show “Episodes” which airs on BBC Two.

The final lineup for the rebooted Top Gear UK has yet to be released. But names like Sabine Schmitz (professional racing driver BMW Ring taxi driver), Chris Harris (auto journalist), David Coulthard (F1 Driver) have all been tied to the show. No matter who ends up joining the final cast, we definitely know they all will have some very large shoes to fill.

Last Land Rover Defender Rolls off Assembly Line


On this momentous day, Jaguar Land Rover CEO Dr. Ralf Speth stood before a crowd of 700 current and former Solihull plant employees and said, “Today we celebrate what generations of men and women have done since the outline for the Land Rover was originally drawn in the sand. The Series Land Rover, now Defender, is the origin of our legendary capability, a vehicle that makes the world a better place, often in some of the most extreme circumstances. There will always be a special place in our hearts for Defender, among all our employees, but this is not the end. We have a glorious past to champion, and a wonderful future to look forward to.”

The Land Rover Defender has been with us for 67 years and has made a wide and lasting impact in the automotive world. When the last production vehicle rolled off the assembly line, 700 current and former plant employees stood by to give it a proper send off. However, fret no longer as the next generation Defender is already on the horizon with a successor to step into place in 2018.

Is this the New 2017 Nissan Armada?


Nissan’s Armada looks like it will be getting quite the face lift when it debuts in 2017. The new Armada will be based on Nissan’s Patrol SUV which is currently designated to the Japanese market. Overall exterior profile of the SUV is larger and burlier than the outgoing Armada. This is a nice update and does give the new Armada more road presence as a large SUV.

The 2017 Armada will be a very capable on and off road vehicle as well. Powered by a 5.6L V8, it will be packing 390hp and 401 lb/ft of torque which is plenty to carry the 5,900lb curb weight and offers a towing capacity of 8,500lbs.

More information will be available on the all new Armada as it gets closer to its release date which is schedule for late 2016.

Fiat Chrysler to Make Cleaner Diesels


The word diesel has unfortunately been tainted by the emission scandals that have been taking place over at Volkswagen. Now when consumers think of diesel, its hard for them to associate it with the word clean, which is really taking the auto industry back a few decades of forward progress.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has decided to do their part in regaining customer trust in diesel technology. FCA now conducts their own internal review of the technology used in diesel vehicles. It might not sound like much, but it’s just another way to create a check and balance towards emission compliance. In a statement released by FCA, they already have plans to install a revised software in their current vehicles to make them even cleaner. It is important to note that FCA is not issuing a recall and that all their vehicles are currently in compliance with emission standards.

FCA will continue to invest in their clean diesel technology and develop advancements for future vehicles to bring emission outputs to even lower levels. Beginning in 2017, the company will add a new exhaust filtering technology to all new production vehicles in their diesel lineup.

Scion Brand to be Discontinued


When Toyota created the Scion brand, the company’s mission was to create unique vehicles that attracted young buyers. At its peak, in 2006, over 173,000 Scions were sold in America. By 2015, annual sales numbers have dropped to 56,167. With sales numbers drying up, the next logical move for Toyota is to abandon the Scion brand altogether.

The latest release from Toyota said that it will discontinue the xB and the xD models with no plans to bring in replacements for either. However, Scion’s iQ and FR-S is still slated for production albeit they will probably both be wearing a Toyota badge when they hit the showroom floor.

The slumping sales of today’s Scion brand doesn’t tell the true story of the company. The brand, specifically their xB offering created a cult following across all age groups and appealing to the daily driver and to the modifying enthusiasts alike. The brand did achieve it’s mission to attract a younger target market, but Scions history also shows that customer brand loyalty to Toyota is even stronger.

So now we say good bye to a relatively short lived Scion brand, but maybe it’s legacy will live on just under Toyota’s branding.

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