Camaro ZL1 Debuts in New York

Posted by: Lydia Siu onMarch 24th, 2016

Ever since the muscle car race started in the 60’s pitting the likes of Chevy, Dodge and Ford against each other for a power struggle of biggest muscle, each manufacturer has created sport coupes in an attempt to out gun the other. We are all familiar with Dodge’s entrants with the 707hp supercharged 6.2L V8 Hellcats, well now Chevy takes to the New York Auto Show to unveil their contender, the Camaro ZL1.

On paper, this is going to be a close race. The Camaro uses the Corvette Z06 motor which has been massaged to churn out 640hp. Camaro’s advantage is its thinner waistline. It is roughly 500 pounds lighter than the portly Hellcats. That equates to a power to weight ratio in Camaros favor. The Camaro will be using GMs all new ten speed automatic transmission, but can be packaged with a six speed manual as well. The new transmission is designed specifically to handle the large power output of the Camaro, as well as tuned specifically with exacting shift points to get the most out of the ZL1’s engine.

This show will be telling in terms of the public’s reaction to the Camaro’s newly designed exterior. The ZL1 is full of wide body work, sweeping body lines, vents, and LEDs. All of which comes together in unison to create a very visually appealing package. The overall physical prescience of the ZL1 is muscle and performance. The car also features an intake/vent hump on the hood line which looks to be a separate unit from the hood itself.

We can’t wait for the head to head challenge between the two automakers.

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