Calgary Mayor: Full Speed Ahead on Ring Road Plan B

Posted by: Kenny Chan onOctober 26th, 2009

When the Tsuu T’ina nation surprised Calgarians (and Premier Ed Stelmach) by voting against the proposal that would have saw the SW portion of the ring road cut through their reserve, the Municipal and Provincial Governments immediately began working on alternative plans. Action on the alternative plans was so swift that even the Tsuu T’ina nation seemed to be caught off-guard as Chief Sandford Big Plume held onto his hope that talks would resume. Unfortunately for Big Plume, the Province of Alberta and the City of Calgary were done talking. 40 Years of talking is too much, even for politicians.

The City took the first step to alleviate traffic pressures in the SW by constructing a roundabout on 37th street. Instead of allowing eastbound Glenmore Trail traffic to turn left across westbound Glenmore Trail traffic the new configuration has drivers making a right turn at 37th street. They then enter the roundabout to make a u-turn to continue travelling on north on 37th street. The location of the roundabout irked the Tsuu T’ina tribe–it is located right at the entrance of the Grey Eagle Casino. The City received a letter from the tribe on October 16th, dated October 2nd which warns that the Tsuu T’ina nation:

“does not consent to any road construction on or near Tsuu T’ina Nation lands not accounting for the Tsuu T’ina Nation’s rights to enter and leave lands at any point along our borders.” It goes on to say that “any interference by the city of Calgary of Tsuu T’ina Nation’s rights to enter and leave its lands at any point along Tsuu T’ina Nation boundaries constitutes a breach of our rights under Treaty No. 7.

The next part is the kicker:

“Any construction of roads by the city of Calgary or the permitting of any other buildings or development along the road is a breach of Tsuu T’ina Nation’s rights under Treaty No. 7.”

Mayor Dave Bronconnier was not deterred by the threat of legal action. “We’re not going to stop because the First Nation writes a letter asking us to stop.” He went on to reiterate that the City of Calgary will continue to provide the tribe legal access to the reserve through the Anderson Road and 37th street intersection. The mayor said the city would consult with the Tsuu T’ina nation as a courtesy. “We would seek their input, not their approval.”

Brilliant. I say if you’re going to play hardball, you better be ready to deal with the outcome. The Tsuu T’ina gambled for a better deal from the Province and City but their bluff was called. They now face the prospects of getting nothing and may even lose a key entrance to their Grey Eagle Casino. Perhaps the gambling should best be kept inside the casino.

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  1. TorqueDog says:

    I would LOVE to see Chief Big Chins and his casino go down the drain.

  2. Tomaz says:


    Can we get this damn road built already? My foot is itchy to test out new pavement!

  3. asp integra says:

    Bronco FTW! Its nice to see that they could lose the entrance to the casino and i hope they do, unless they re-open talks so we can get a very badly needed road built!

  4. yep says:

    that’ll learn them. Maybe now they will put a little more into the thought process when it comes to deciding and voting on other issues/deals with the city.

  5. v2kai says:

    wow. after turning down 400 hectares for 2000 hectares of crown land!!? screw them i’m with torquedog. hope they go under or at least feel the sting of their stupid choices in their wallets

  6. Syritis says:

    will the road blocks finally go up now? I’d be there showing my support for the city (that would be a first from me), if the Tsuu’tina nations wants to act like a bunch of stubborn assholes, calgary has for more assholes to fight fire with fire.

  7. Jlude says:

    This is the best blog post I’ve ever seen. I agree with TorqueDog…

  8. Gully says:

    Big Chief Leather Nuts is one greedy mo fuka!

  9. Eric S says:

    I smell a road block coming on…
    Apparently it’s no different here than it was back in BC. They screwed themselves over by turning down an overly reasonable and perfectly legitimate deal and now they’re resorting to something this petty? It’s nice to see politicians taking a stand for once instead of appealing to the lowest common denominator.

  10. StanazEK says:

    +1 SCREW EM! they get everything! i work in a shop and everytime they get our tax money they’re in for repairs, its bullshit! they are people like everyone else, if they get handouts i want handouts! there is no reason they got off so easy! they weren’t prepared, they lost, we won, shit happens, get over it! everyone’s lost at some point, but they have overcome it without having to get government handouts and besides how long ago was that?! GET OVER IT ALREADY!

  11. This road is taking a long time yo get built but I do understand where they are coming from and there is a lot of yellow tape involved in a project of this kind, well lets just home this takes off some. That it will beneficial in the long term.

  12. supranation says:

    after getting a trespassing ticket for cutting through the reserve for three hundred dollars,im glad to not have to get that ticket in the future….when traffic on glenmore is a parking lot i would rather save $ on fuel and 40 minutes of my life to get home just off of anderson rd. i really dont understand why they can come on “our land” and we cant go on theirs its RIDICULOUS i cant wait to be able to drive through there and not be punished for saving fuel….the signs that indicate that its private property look like they were made in 1948 i hope they use the 300 bucks i gave them to make some new f#@king signs

  13. kool dude says:

    come on ppl get over it its a road youve lived without it forever so stop getting mad. lot of ppl been bringing natives down all our lives so we deserve to keep our land. white ppl in general own about 80% of the earth i think this little piece of land you could live without. and the goverment doesnt give us handouts, we just dont pay taxes thats it. so get over it you sore losers. its not about the money its about our land screw the money our casino makes twice more money then that. so we dont need it we just wanted the land

  14. Syritis says:

    then Why did “you” turn down the land offer the province gave you? I don’t have any land that i govern over so i don’t agree that you have yours. be a part of working society THEN we’ll “get over it”

  15. Kool dude says:

    Well I’m a fulltime firefighter in the city. And most ppl on the reserve have fulltime jobs. The reason we turned the land down is because we would end up paying taxes on that land it wouldn’t be the same as reserve land. We do regular things like everybody else. You have no idea what’s going on the reserve you don’t live here. And Canada was our land before it was ever your land

  16. Syritis says:

    In 1877 canada made an attempt at being peaceful with natives now it turns out to be canada’s biggest mistakes. I live on the west side of calgary and have worked with many natives before and i have not once seen a native isn’t an alcoholic or a waste of flesh. if a reasonable agreement isn’t met with the city it’s only be a matter of time before the federal government steps in and they’re the ones who have ink on the page and a lot harder to negotiate with.

  17. Kool dude says:

    I find the very racist. Well then stop working at safeway and finish school sounds like a shit hole job then. Go out and get a degree my sister just graduated with her masters yesterday at the uofc and my granpa has his doctor. So don’t try and say were all drunks. Obviously were you work must be a shit job if they were drunks. I’ll give some spare change you would like

  18. Syritis says:

    racism only exists in people who want to be offended. I never said that all native are alcoholics just everyone i’ve met. which brings me to my next point. MOST of the natives i’ve met have a real problem with being arrogant. except for this latest drop in the economy i do quite well for myself so save your chump change for someone else. like the natives downtown bagging for my spare change. now that that is outta the way lets get back on topic if you haven’t forgotten this a comment page for the ring road column. like i said before it’ll only be a matter of time when natives loose their land completely for failing to be reasonable in negotiations with the rest of canada.

  19. kool dude says:

    welp well leave it up to the important ppl. so stop talking shit. and get back to safeway hahaha loser

  20. Syritis says:

    Your immaturity is astounding. congratulations to your certification to Ethug

  21. anon says:

    I agree with the commenter who said People are People (and hence natives are roughly the same as all other “people”). Some people choose to be jerks, manipulating law, public perceptions and other factors solely for their own gain. I feel that the native leadership that was responsible for trying to hardball the city was acting like jerks. I also think all “native rights” (the ones awarded above and beyond normal citizen/human rights) should be stripped from them. The land could remain their property, but should be subject to the same laws and rules as all other land. Similarly native people should be subject to the same laws and rules as other Canadian citizens. While at one point in time this may have been “Native” land, that was a long time ago, and eventually people need to let things go and be fair to the people they currently live with. By treating me (a non-native) in a way that is worse than you treat current natives you are essentially punishing me for actions of “my ancestors” (though i doubt any lineage could be proven).

    As for the ring road. I really think people need to get out of their cars and see what real life is about; a hint, its not money and work. Or maybe think twice next time you take a job that is 40kms from home. I know you might make a few bucks an hour more, but i doubt that makes up for the damage to the earth, the strain on your body (extra time sitting in a vehicle, stress). The extra money isnt going to make it up to your next of kin when they have to look at a city that is covered in pavement, air poisoned by exhaust fumes and its people stressed to the max due to traffic jams. Try walking/biking to work, or to a bus stop, you will be healthier and happier. People say it cant be done, but many cities/towns have done it, like portland, OR or Amsterdam.

  22. way kooler dude says:

    kool dude…”white ppl in general own about 80% of the earth”….were you trying to be funny or are you really that dumb

  23. waywaykoolerguy says:

    Hes really that dumb.

  24. Way way way kooler dude says:

    Haha I wipe my ass with your ring bullshit. And you ancestors made that deal for reserves so your paying for it. Hah. Enjoy your financial struggles and I’ll enjoys your taxes bitchez

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