BMW Shows Off The Concept 4 Series Coupe

Posted by: Kenny Chan onJanuary 14th, 2013

Infiniti is not the only automaker making changes to the way it names its vehicles, BMW is also in the midst of redefining its lineup. From now on, all sedans will bear odd numbers while coupes will get the even numbers. So, the 3 series coupe will be referred to as the 4 series from now on. I do find it odd that this concept is called the Concept 4 Series Coupe but perhaps its all about education.

We showed pictures in our preview of the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe and not much has changed really but seeing it live really confirmed our thoughts on it being production ready aside from the really aggressive wide air intakes on the front lower fascia and the typical concept-like over sized wheels. The rear bumper will likely be smoothed out a bit too, at least on the base models.

BMW did not speak of engine choices but I expect everything from the 3 series would carry over and become the 428i, 435i, and 435is. It will be interesting to see how long it’ll take for people to get used to having both the 3 series around along with the 4 series. Will people still add on the “sedan” and “coupe” suffixes when referring to their 3 and 4 series respectively?

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