BMW M4 GTS May Arrive on North American Soil

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onApril 18th, 2016

bmw m4 gts

BMW has historically always made a special edition of their M-cars. Following the M3 lineup, the Bavarian automaker has developed the 1988 M3 Evolution, the 1990 M3 Sport Evo, the 95 M3 GT, the 03 M3 CSL, the 2010 M3 GTS and then the 201 M3 CRT. Now to add to that lineup, 300 M3 GTS Special Edition will arrive in the US out of the 700 to be produced.

These special edition vehicles usually get a standard package treatment which includes more horsepower, tuned suspension, weight savings, and new aero all for the sole purpose of making a track ready street vehicle. The new M4 GTS is no different with power bumped to 493hp and 442lb/ft of torque which propels it to 100km/h in just 3.7 seconds. The entire package together was put to the test at the legendary Nurburgring circuit where it clocked in a 7-minute, 28-second lap.

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