BMW Grand Coupe 2 Series

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJune 7th, 2016


BMW is taking their Grand Coupe name to the 2 series lineup creating a unique 4 door sloped roof version of the current 2 door coupe. Similar to the 4 and 6 series Grand Coupe, the 2 series Grand Coupe’s body style fits right in to compete against its similarly designed competitor Mercedes CLA.

Overall the 2 series Grand Coupe will look very similar to the 2 door coupe version albeit with a slightly longer body profile and a fully functional hatch style trunk. BMW will be offering an M variant of the Grand Coupe as well which will broaden it’s appeal to buyers.

Top Gear Yet Again Fails to Pull in Ratings
Viewers voice is in, and Top Gear isn’t doing too well with it’s new line up of hosts. The rebooted UK TV series hosted by Chris Evans pulled in dismal ratings for its second episode at 2.8 million viewers. While that may sound like a lot, that number is only half of what the old Top Gear pulled in as the average viewer rating, and substantially lower than the predicted 5 million viewers estimated by Evans.

The second episode was also down by 1.5 million viewers as compared to the new series premiere last week. Although official numbers are not in which will include online streaming viewers from iPlayer, it is hard pressed for those numbers to pull in enough ratings to make a substantial difference. What we are seeing is a quick spiral trend downwards for the rebooted Top Gear and that is not a good sign.

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