BMW Diesel Gets EPA Approval

Posted by: Walter Paxton onAugust 4th, 2016


Ever since the emission scandal hit the news from Volkswagen, diesel sales in North America has dropped dramatically and emission regulations have become even more tightly scrutinized by the Environmental Protection Agency on any diesel vehicle approved to be sold in the US. One of the cars which has been greatly delayed by testing and red tape is BMW’s 2017 diesel. The EPA required BMW to pass rigorous testing in order for their car to be given a clean OK for sales in the US. This is just a hint at what’s more to come with the diesel industry as a whole in the US.

Any diesel vehicle being manufactured over seas and shipped into the US for sales will go through the stringent testing set forth by the EPA. The next on the list will be Mercedes’ 2017 diesel vehicles which are still going through the regulator’s testing process. Volkswagen, the company that started it all, still has a stop sale on their 2016 diesel vehicles because they can’t get them to pass the emission standards.

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