BMW Axes Another Manual Transmission

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onApril 8th, 2016


Manufacturers are continuing to retire their manual transmissions and replacing them with the much superior dual clutch automatic transmissions. In every way, a modern day dual clutch transmission shifts faster, smoother, and offers better fuel economy than the manual gearbox. Superior yes, but does it offer the best driver experience? That’s debatable.

BMW just announced that their next generation M5 and M6 will no longer have a manual transmission option. Based on buyer statistics, the manual transmission option just isn’t generating the type of revenue required to keep on with manufacturing. Add on top that during testing when pitting an auto versus manual M5 against each other, the manual car didn’t offer up any advantages in performance.

At the end o this fall, the current generation of M5 and M6 will stop production. When the next generation versions come to market in 2017 they will come with a seven speed dual clutch auto transmission.

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