BMW 1M, the Anti-M Car

Posted by: Shelton Kwan onJuly 16th, 2014

Trying to predict which car will turn into an investment is like predicting the weather in Calgary. All the experts will think they know the answer but, in reality, it’s a pure crapshoot. When it comes to new cars, the odds of picking “the one” are even slimmer. Every automotive publication attempts to be Nostradamus with their future collectible cars lists, but look back at these lists and you will realize how silly these predictions truly are. I mean really, a Nissan Leaf?

Two cars, however, have beaten the odds in the last decade, the Ford GT and the BMW 1M; models that share really nothing in common with one another. You would think that the formula for success is fairly simple. Create a car that’s fun and exciting to drive, release it in limited numbers, cut off production after a short period of time, and then reap the marketing benefits over the next handful of years as enthusiasts and collectors rave over your halo model. If only it were that simple.

The Ford GT lucked its way into an investment, as final year cars sat at dealer lots and were discounted a year after production has ended. Many enthusiasts had written off Ford as a company that couldn’t produce a good car, and when they eventually realized how good the Ford GT actually was, the used market flourished, and prices crept past its initial sales price. The BMW 1M took a completely different journey to stardom.

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