Biofuel Bill Passes House of Commons

Posted by: Kenny Chan onMay 29th, 2008

The Government of Canada celebrated the passage of its biofuel legistlation on Wednesday. The bill, which requires that all gasoline sold in Canada contain at least 5% ethanol by 2010 is expected to speed through the senate and become law. The bill also requires that all diesel and heating oil contain 2% renewable fuels by 2012.

“This Government’s biofuels strategy will create jobs in our communities, local markets for our farmers, and a new source of cleaner-burning, renewable fuel to protect our environment,” said Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. “It is unfortunate that the NDP and Bloc voted against this legislation, because it’s a double-win for both farmers in Canada and the environment.”

The Canadian Government is investing half a billion dollars in the development of next generation biofuels technology. Current biofuel technology is blamed for driving up food costs as farmers are diverting crops to the development of biofuels away from the food chain. Cellulosic biofuels are made from discarded stocks of corn plants which are not destined to the food chain.

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