BFGoodrich AT/KO2 All Terrain Tire Review

Posted by: Shelton Kwan onOctober 23rd, 2014

Review by contributing writer, Nathan Hayashi.

When it comes to the classic all terrain tires, BFGoodrich has a long proven off-road racing history that started in the sands of the Baja. With over 25 SCORE Baja racing victories dating back to 1977, where the first BFGoodrich A/T tire made its racing debut, their tires have won both the Baja 500 and 1000. This type of all terrain was unheard of in the 70’s with the ability to offer good road performance and off-road traction without the heavy road noise in the cabin. The BFGoodrich A/T went through a few upgrades through the years, once in 1986 with its second generation taking a win again at Baja 1000 and the third generation called the A/T KO in 1999 with improved side biters.

Tires are one of these purchases for your vehicle that not only enhances the performance; it can also greatly alter the looks. This year BFGoodrich released their fourth revision to their popular all terrain called the A/T KO2. At first glance this tire has great side biters and lugs, which will give great side traction climbing out of ruts and berms. The center tread blocks still look very reminiscent of the previous generation tire. This is a great looking tire from the side that increases its look with strong shoulders and a more modern look. It will make any SUV or light truck more rugged in appearance compared with their ordinary radial tire. The changes aren’t just cosmetic as everything changes under the tread blocks and sidewall.

The sidewalls have been strengthened to take on the worst rocks and stumps and this they tested repeatedly with a sharp anvil to make sure the sidewalls were able to take Mother Nature’s worst. Along with new sidewalls, the KO2 also features, for the first time, a certified three peak snow flake rating which is the approval from the Canadian Rubber Association (CRA) which means this tire can be driven in snowy conditions. Unfortunately the CRA doesn’t require any ice testing to be included in the requirements. The tread also features something called 3D sipes which is apart of their CORE GUARD Technology enabling the tread block to absorb moisture better and lead to longer lasting tread life.

Thankfully they’ve added stone ejectors to help reduce the amount of rocks that are flung at the vehicle behind these tires, which with our winter roads is a big blessing. Overall, the biggest change with the AT/K02 are the extended shoulder lugs which provides much better traction in rutted situations allowing the driver to change direction easily to climb out of the ruts with ease.

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