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Posted by: Kenny Chan onSeptember 17th, 2009

Tonight CBC Calgary News continued their special series on auto theft, Hot Wheels. The first part covered the Calgary Police Service’s HEATT (High Enforcement Auto Theft Team) and the second part focused on the police helicopter, HAWCS. The third part was about the role of the internet and the role it plays in today’s increasingly connected world. Making another appearance was “The Claw”, an epic happy ending story where forum members helped track down a stolen Skyline.

The CBC News clip can be viewed below. Our famous President and Co-founder, rage2 makes an appearance as does Moderator Jaymez and forum member Envision.

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  1. Jet says:

    That is awesome, go Beyond!

  2. Tomaz says:

    I knew about the story, however i have never seen the video!

    BTW, where can i get one of those “Claw” stickers? :D

  3. That has to be the best story I have heard in a while, and it shows the powers of the Internet and You Tube and it also shows that they are still good people out there that are willing to help out a perfect stranger, well done on the car recovery.

    I just love your site, and all the posts that I read.

  4. Ben Christensen says:

    It’s great to see theres finally people out there who want to help I did something similar when I had my Honda Civic stolen on the Honda forum and they just told me…that’s nice and of course no help at all when I see the car going up Macloed Trail from City Services they said they would take care of it… Yet I see a task force trying to catch a stolen vehicle down the same road for a stolen Charger and they were all over the guy

  5. scary perry says:

    The claw was better entertainment than most movies!

    Nirmala looks hot. She had about a 100 babies and she still fine.

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