Autopilot Tesla S Fatal Accident

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJuly 27th, 2016


Headlines are reading that speed was a factor in the recent fatal accident involving a Tesla S where the driver was using the autopilot feature. But let’s be honest with the facts. Data pulled from the vehicle shows that the Tesla was travelling at 74mph in a 65mph zone. Although that is still considered speeding, that’s a far cry to make headlines. So lets focus on other facts of the accident for a moment. The NTSB has not finalized a cause for the crash as of yet.

The NTSB report further confirms that the vehicle was in the Autopilot mode when the accident took place. With the feature enabled, the system will also activate traffic-aware cruise control and Autosteer lane keeping assist modes. The system also has an emergency front impact braking system in place. Currently, the NTSB has only released those details involving the accident. As the investigation continues, the NTSB will continue to learn more details surround the accident and potentially a cause. What we do know is that the Tesla with its Autopilot feature engaged failed to notice and avoid a white tractor trailer which cross perpendicular to the Tesla at an intersection resulting in the fatal accident.

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