Aussie Police: Apple Maps Flaw a Life Threatening Issue

Posted by: Kenny Chan onDecember 10th, 2012

While inaccurate directions provided by Apple Maps has been a mere inconvenience for some people, police from the Australian town of Mildura are warning the public to not rely on directions from Apple Maps as it may lead them dangerously astray. Instead of pointing users to the town of Mildura, Apple Maps incorrectly shows the town in the middle of the outback and combined with scorching summer heat of up to 46C several rescues have already been carried out from wayward travellers.

The area of the National Park that users of Apple Maps are directed to is in a weak cell phone reception area escalating the danger. With no shelter from the sun or water, travellers would have to hike in the heat in rugged terrain to call for help.

According to Mildura police, some of those rescued were stranded for more than 24 hours without any water. They have also contacted Apple in regards to this serious matter but as of right now it still has not been corrected. Mildura is still being shown as being in the middle of the National Park more than 70km from where it actually is up just off A20 as marked by the red X in the image above. Poor Apple, with Siri Eyes Free helping to make driving safer they suffer this setback putting iPhone users in danger. They’ve always strived for it, but this isn’t exactly the killer app they had wished for.

Perhaps Google Maps will be available soon ;)

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