Audi SQ5 Gets Power Bump

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJune 15th, 2016


Audi’s new SQ5 will get a nice bump in power all thanks to some nifty electronics under the hood. This isn’t the Ebay electric turbo charger you saw floating around promising 100 extra horsepower. This is in fact an electric compressor that forces air into the cylinders that results in a 30hp bump putting the SQ5 at 365hp utilizing Audi’s 3.0L diesel engine.

The electric blower is a 48V electric forced induction system which generates power as quickly as 250 milliseconds. The beauty of this system is it is electrically driven, unlike a traditional turbo system which relies on moving exhaust gases to power a turbine. The benefit is essentially zero turbo lag which is used to fill in the power band in the lower rpm range.

The all new SQ5 is scheduled to appear before the public in April of 2017. North Americans will have to wait to see if the SQ5 will actually make it onto our shores, and specifically whether the diesel engine will be an optional power plant given all the diesel controversy here.

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