Another Step Closer To 37th Street Ring Road

Posted by: Kenny Chan onJuly 14th, 2009

The title is a bit misleading, but we are one step closer to seeing some expansion of the roadways in the southwest portion of Calgary with Premier Ed Stelmach saying today that the province is not going to resume talks with the Tsuu T’ina Nation after the band voted against the Ring Road proposal. Instead the Municipal and Provincial Governments will work together to fund the expansion of existing roads to alleviate the traffic pressures caused by the numerous delays to the SW portion of the ring road project.

The vote was taken. The agreement was turned down. There’s no coming back,” the premier said in Calgary today.

Tsuu T’ina Chief Sandford Big Plume as recently as last week hoped talks would resume. From an outsider’s perspective it looks like Tsuu T’ina people gambled for a bigger and better deal from the Province and lost big time. Instead of a counter-offer, the Province and City have officially closed the doors to any talks and plan to build around the reserve. The band has scheduled a meeting to discuss the ring road for later this week.

However, the Tsuu T’ina First Nations are not the only group that is not ready to move on. Environment Minister Jim Prentice said today that he hopes talks will resume between the Province and the band. I think 40 years is enough talking and every year we sit around and do nothing, the traffic continues to grow. The costs to build the roadway will continue to soar.

“It’s an essential project,” Prentice said. “I hope that the province and Tsuu T’ina pick up that ball and get on with it.”

We don’t necessarily need the SW portion of the ring road. Aside from the fact there wouldn’t be a “ring” around the city, there is no harm in leaving out the portion that would have run through the Tsuu T’ina land. Instead, expanding Glenmore Trail to 6 lanes and building an interchange at 37th street and Highway 8 would keep traffic moving there for years. A 37th street tunnel (or bridge like the one over Bowness Park) would further alleviate any traffic pressures. The 37th street tunnel would be subsidized by the Tsuu T’ina First Nations because they need easy access to the Grey Eagle Casino at the corner of Glenmore and 37th street.

I wish city planning was as easy as Sim City :)

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  1. Syritis says:

    Tsuu tina nations didn’t want us on their “sacred” land, thats just laughable. their land looks like a junk yard from 37th ave. now we get to drive past it while building over a beautiful and protected park. I’m sure the glenmore reservoir is the cities water supply, not sure if that means it’s our drinking water but now we get to have who knows what spilling into it. it’s just a loose/loose situations cause by a group of people given everything on the silver platter won’t give anything back…
    just another reason to leave calgary.

  2. Brianne says:

    You will never see the beauty and the sacred trust of the land. We will not let you, all of the Nation members have been silent through out the whole situation. How can we let go of this land when it’s been with us for years. Our great chief Bullhead choose this land for us, and now we have to protect it. Not everything is given to us on a silver platter, we all work for what we have, our employment rate is the lowest in alberta and even the city, you cannot write these hings unless you look at the whole picture, and see where were coming from. So be upset with us, wake up an hour early and get to work on time.

  3. Eric S says:

    …well that was an odd, not particularly well backed up retort. :P

  4. Jenn says:

    We should have coveted our inventions as greedily as you covet your land but instead we shared! I bet you wouldn’t give back your electricity or your clean running water !

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