Alonzo’s Horrific Crash in Australia

Posted by: Lydia Siu onMarch 21st, 2016


The first race of the Formula One season certainly started and ended in disappointment for Fernando Alonso and the folks over at McLaren. During the race, Alonzo and Esteban Gutierrez of the Hass Team came together as they battled for 19th place. The net result sent Alonzo into a major crash, rolling his McLaren over and completely destroying the vehicle and damaging the engine in the whole ordeal.

The race got red flagged and fortunately for Alonzo and Gutierrez they both came out of the accident unharmed. According to Alonzo, “It was a big crash. I tried to take the slip stream of Gutierrez until braking point and in the last moment it was a combination of factors that we ended up with a crash. Lucky we are both okay talking to you guys, and I’m thankful for the safety of the car and I am alive talking to you. Thanks to FIA work and continual safety.”

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