Actev Arrow Smart Kart

Posted by: Lydia Siu onMarch 7th, 2016


As a petrol head parent myself, its always fun to include the kids in anything car related. With two powerwheels to go around the house already, the Actev Arrow Smart Kart might be another new addition to the family. Unlike most powerwheels where once the kid gets behind the wheel you as a parent can’t do anything except hover and yell “Watch Out!”, Actev’s Smart Kart gives parent’s back that control all via their smartphone.

The Actev Smart Kart is an electric powered kids kart that’s suitable for children between the ages of 5-9. The frame is built out of steel and the pedals are adjustable to grow with the kid. The kart uses two 250 watt electric motors that have a driving time of around 45 minutes. Top speed is 12mph and recharge time varies between 8.5 hours with the standard charger or 1.5 hours with the rapid charger.

The kart can be controlled via an app on the parent’s phones which allow for limitations of top speed, distance restriction so kids don’t wander off, and an emergency stop function. The kart also has optional body work that can be purchased and customized to suit your own taste. Later this year, Actev will be releasing a set of plastic wheels that will convert this turn on a dime kart to mini drifting monster.

The Arrow Smart Kart sells for $600USD and is currently available for pre-orders online.

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