A Glimpse Inside The McLaren P1

Posted by: Kenny Chan onFebruary 12th, 2013

McLaren’s goal when building the P1 supercar was for it to be the best driver’s car in the world both on the road and track. To help them achieve this, the car not only has to deliver performance but it must be comfortable and feel in control. As you can see in these pictures, the interior of the P1 lives up to its driver-centric design. The McLaren P1’s light-weight design philosophy extends to the interior with extensive use of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is used for the dashboard, floor, headliners, doors, rocket panels and the center console is formed as a single piece of carbon fiber.

McLaren engineers went so far as to remove the top layer of resin on the carbon fiber to save just a hair over 3 pounds. Some other not-so-hardcore weight savings include reducing the amount of interior trim to keep as many parts exposed as possible, skipping out on interior sound deadening and removal of interior carpet. Interior carpet however is offered as an option, but even when owners choose to go with carpet, it is fitted with a special lightweight backing.

The seats made with ultra-thin carbon fiber shells mounted on lightweight brackets and runners and they weigh only 23 pounds. The seat backs don’t have any adjustments (those knobs must weigh at least 50 grams!), the seat backs are fixed to 28 degrees but can be switched to 32 degrees to provide a bit more room so drivers can wear helmets. The height of the seats are custom set and can be subsequently adjusted by McLaren. With all this weight reduction, it’s surprising to hear that full climate controls, satellite navigation and a bespoke sound system are included.

The steering wheel looks great wrapped in alcantara with orange stitching finished off with carbon fiber inserts. The grips are apparently modelled after actual McLaren racing driver’s wheels. We’ll learn more about the McLaren P1 in the next few weeks leading up to the world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Here’s one last show to hold you over until we get more pictures.

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