2015 Mercedes-Benz C63 (W205) Tire Spec Leaked

Posted by: Bernard Winkelmann onApril 29th, 2014

Edit: (5/1/2014) See updated notes at bottom.

Our fellow writer Shelton Kwan managed to get a hold of the new W205 C-class Dealer Order Guide today.  The C400 is of interest to me, so I was looking at all of the specs to see what will be offered.  In the course of digesting what was going to be available for the 2015 C-class, I noticed something that I am sure will disappoint many of those who currently have a C63 and are waiting to trade in for the new one.

The rear tire specs are shown to have a 255 section width in the rear (on 19×9.0 wheels). The current C63 has 255 and most people will agree that it is under shod.  The W205 is expected to come in at the same power levels as the outgoing model.  The rumour is that 4Matic is NOT in the cards and thus the rear tire spec is sure to disappoint those hoping for something more appropriate.


Further, the optional specs for the C300/C400 indicate, to me anyway, that the C63 will not see rear fender flares that AMG faithful are hoping for.  The C300/C400 will get optional 255 section width tires with the optional sport package.

And there you go.

Update [5/1/2014]: We’ve been contacted by Mercedes-Benz and there may be some good news with regards to tire widths on the upcoming C63 AMG. Apparently the order guide that we got a hold of is out of date and incorrect so ignore everything you’ve seen here. This might explain why the order guide says they are providing 19″ tires for customers ordering 18″ wheels on the C63 AMG and 17″ tires for customers ordering 18″ wheels on the C400. The updated wheel and tire specs will be released in September. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.


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