2015 VW Golf Alltrack. 2014 Paris Motor show-from the rear only

Posted by: Bernard Winkelmann onOctober 6th, 2014

Looks like VW is taking a page out of Audi’s book and is releasing an Alltrack version of the Golf. Much like the Allroads that have come before it, the Golf Alltrack is basically a lifted Golf wagon with black plastic cladding around the wheel arches. It is the same formula that Subaru uses for its Outback trim level.

The Alltrack is being released with 4 engines in Europe. Three diesels and one gas. The 1.8L TSI engine makes around 180 hp and is mated to a DSG transmission. No word on whether this car is coming to North America.

The most interesting part of the vehicle is the drive train. A Haldex-5 coupling makes up the 4Motion AWD system that can push 100% of the power to the rear wheels. It is mated to EDS and XDS which are just fancy acronyms for brake controlled anti-spin differentials and torque vectoring. Hill decent control makes an appearance. I guess VW is expecting people to actually take this off-road. 20mm of additional height isn’t really enough to make this an SUV.

It looks great to me. Enjoy the picture gallery below.

If you have read this far, you will notice that we only have 3 pictures of the car and only from the rear. The FAA fire at Chicago O’Hare caused delays and one of our photographers couldn’t make the show. With the shear size and number of cars in Paris, some cars were completely missed, others only had a few viable shots. This car wasn’t even shot completely! We are also a few days late posting photos due to technical issues on the blog that we had to address last week. A comedy of errors.

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