2015 McLaren 650S – Exotic Redefined

Posted by: Bernard Winkelmann onJune 24th, 2015


Let’s talk about stopping. The 650S comes with carbon ceramic brakes. This is one area that I could see some improvement from McLaren. It could be that I was simply not used to their application, but I found the brakes a little “on-off” with less travel for modulation than I like. On pavement, this isn’t an issue as grip from the PZero Corsas is amazing. In the wet, I’m not so sure. A car of this caliber is unlikely to see rain, so my point is likely moot. I don’t have a 100 ft tape measure or a private track to test it, but stopping distances were incredibly short as expected. What is really cool is the active spoiler in the rear goes near vertical under hard braking giving you an air brake.

As mentioned, the tires have incredible amounts of grip whether accelerating or decelerating. Same goes for changing direction. On the street, I didn’t want to push too hard as I want McLaren to ask me to drive their other cars too (P1 hint hint). I pushed hard enough to see that 10/10ths would happen at illegal speeds anywhere around town. I do wish that the steering ratio was a little lower (faster), but that is a personal preference I have for the track.

The McLaren 650S starts at $280,000 US dollars and is affordable to very few people. Although priced higher than it’s competitors, the 488 GTB and Huracan, neither offers a carbon tub chassis making it significantly lighter. That carbon tub saves 152 lbs of weight.

I was sad when my time with the 650S was over. If I could afford one, it would give me great pleasure to drive it daily.

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