2015 McLaren 650S – Exotic Redefined

Posted by: Bernard Winkelmann onJune 24th, 2015


When you sit in the car, the seats hug you and are very comfortable. Adjustments are limited by the carbon tub, but I was able to get into an ideal driving position that I liked. You won’t be driving around like a “gangster” as recline is limited. The steering wheel is a thing of beauty made with carbon. It’s a simple flat bottom wheel that has no buttons.

Starting the car is like bringing a beast to life. The whine of the starter motor is normally something that I have only heard with V-12 motors.

I’ve had the pleasure of driving many high horsepower cars. My daily driver is a wagon that puts out 630+ hp. When I jumped into the 650S, I wasn’t expecting to be overwhelmed by the acceleration that the car delivered. 641hp gets pushed through the rear wheels and launches the car to illegal speeds faster than you can say “McLaren 650S.” The 650S is a technically amazing car. It puts that power down to the ground through just 2 wheels without a mechanical limited slip differential. You wouldn’t know it as the software is so smart that it can manage the power and allow for the quickest takeoffs without the hint of wheel-spin. So much so that a passenger I had with me swore the car was all wheel drive.

The car is communicative. A refined communication that lets you know what each tire is doing and what the road conditions are like. There is no harshness involved. The suspension in comfort is almost too comfortable. In track, too harsh (for daily driving). Sport is the setting I liked and I left it there when I wasn’t testing the other modes. The 650S has a sophisticated suspension system that is computer controlled and cross linked and thus does not require anti-roll bars. The harshness you typically feel on a less sophisticated car is usually attributable to the the anti-roll bars.

Driving on Calgary roads can be an adventure. Some roads are full of pot holes and others are a smooth as butter. The 650S was right at home didn’t miss a beat. The faster you drive, the more road noise you hear. That is expected. Speaking of noise. The exhaust note that McLaren has created is wonderful. Being a twin turbo V8, you would expect that the noise the engine makes would be muffled. The 650S gives you the best of both worlds. You can hear the turbos spool (which is an awesome sound) and listen to the rumble of the flat plane V8. It is something I wish I could get from my wagon.

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