2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG 4Matic. Your move Audi.

Posted by: Shelton Kwan onDecember 10th, 2012

This is an unmasked photo of the all new facelifted 2014 E63 AMG. As the current E63 AMG hits the 4 year old mark, Mercedes-Benz performed some magic on the platform for the facelift. To be honest, you wouldn’t recognize it sitting beside the current model. It’s almost a completely new car.

The biggest change is the inclusion of the 4Matic system. AMG spent 2 and a half years re-engineering the 4Matic system to ensure that it’s worthy of the AMG brand. The current 4Matic system can vary torque between 30 to 70 percent front to rear or rear to front, adds 144lbs, and isn’t exactly drift friendly (I learned that in my CLS550 4Matic on our first snowfall). So AMG completely re-engineered the system for a 33/67 fixed front to rear split. They removed all of the electronically locking clutches, reduced the size of the rear half-shafts, and cut the weight of the system by 100lbs. The result is staggering, a mere 44lb increase over the RWD E63, and with the added traction, 0-60mph times of get this, 3.4 seconds. That makes it the quickest sedan in the world.

Other changes include the interior, which takes cues from the current CLS63 AMG. On the outside, Mercedes-Benz has already teased us with the new LED headlights. The biggest change, however, comes from the single headlight cluster versus the split version in the outgoing version. The front facia receives a CLS like snout, and a new lower front wing splits airflow to the various system, while mimicing a Formula 1 racer’s front wing. It still retains the “A” for AMG shape, like all AMG front bumper designs.

For North America, the E63 Sedan and Wagon will only come with the 4Matic system; RWD is not even an option. The CLS63, based on the E63 platform, will also be available next year with 4Matic. No word on pricing was available, but expect all the juicy details at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, where the car will be officially unveiled.

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