The 2014 Jeep Cherokee Is A Handsome Vehicle

Posted by: Matt Iasenzaniro onMarch 28th, 2013

Well, that’s what my Editor thinks. I’m on the fence. I haven’t decided whether it’s as ugly as the Aztek or not. Chances are good that you’ve already seen pictures and made your own decisions about the design. What did seeing it up close in New York change about my opinion? The most significant feature for me was the front end. It sticks out. Not sticks out like “It’s visible”, sticks out like “It’s far away from the center of the vehicle and comes to a point”. Sure, it looks aerodynamic, but it also looks terrible, especially when coupled with the very visible front tow hooks. This thing can’t figure out if it’s a grocery getter or an off-roader and I’m honestly worried that all of the efforts towards the latter will have gone to waste.

It’s got a little more ground clearance than the XJ that we all know and love, but the approach angle is terrible and low-end torque isn’t likely to be very good compared to the 4.0L I6 that took me wherever I wanted to go for 3 years. It’s based on the Dodge Dart platform. Is that normal? Do manufacturers normally make off-road vehicles based on economy cars? I suppose VW is trying it with MQB, maybe it’s unfair that I criticize this early. Maybe it’s not fair that I compare the new Cherokee to the timeless legend of the XJ. I guess that’s what happens when you change the name from Liberty back to Cherokee though. They had to know comparisons would be made.

If it were me I would’ve left the Cherokee name retired, but I also traded in my XJ for a Cayenne so maybe I should spend some time looking in my own garage before lambasting Jeep for their decision to make an ugly, aerodynamic and practical vehicle with off-road capabilities.

Take a look at the gallery and spend some time telling my boss how poor his taste in vehicles is.

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